More sex and clothes-not for prime time opine

Kudos to college humor dot com – this made me laugh out loud!

When buying lingerie for the bride to be what is an important consideration? Fur around the hem so her neck stays warm!

I have heard this joke a million times and this quip reminds me of the precociousness of first attempts to date or doing the dirty dance. We are convinced that lingerie will lure the male to our lair where our fleshy bait will win favor.

Two problems – the encumbered male doesn’t usually need a lot of enticement like lingerie – just testosterone. And once the favor is kept the lingerie has a very short shelf life and no recyclable.

So there start a website for unused, homeless lingerie and where you will no doubt get rich as the next economical enticer will see the possibilities of lingered in her lair. Crowd sourcing for Victoria’s Secret rescue?