Better sex after age 80

Please don’t think I am obsessed on sex or I need to get a hotel room. I love these stark statements that show up in magazines or twitter. Some people will take these statements as well researched theories to live by. How many people did they interview, what were the geo-politico-economic factors for these folks and was the survey statistically large enough to make data plausible?

There is sex and then there is affection. I doubt many of these couples are having hot sex in the Subaru using doggy position as some might visualize. “Sex” with arthritis, hip replacement , bad hearts, bed time at 8 PM, diabetes, requires planning and simplicity.

What the article does highlight is that familiarity breeds comfort and contentment as we age and men live longer in the presence of female care/companionship. It is not uncommon for people in nursing homes to be found in compromising positions. And sexuality continues in the presence of testosterone and biology regardless of age.

This opinion is not an endorsement for Viagra; sex in a Viagra minute can be like your second ten minutes in Las Vegas. At first there is a lot of excitement, wonder and awe. Then comes the reality, cost and sense of deception.

So I am glad sex, affection and companionship is doing well as Homo sapiens live longer and healthier. Like sex and relationships at any age there is always the excitement of getting caught and the pleasure of the moment.