I can’t swallow this article about foods for better sex


Here is my list on what makes better sex:
1. Chocolate
2. Come home to a clean house
3. Come home to a cooked meal not delivered by a car with a lit emblem on the roof
4. Come home to fed children and a baby sitter
5. Swiss chocolate
6. Come home to a lit fireplace and quality adult beverage
7. Wake up in the morning and go back to bed with my best friend
8. Nap with my best friend when the kids are napping or locked in the media room watching FROZEN
9. Stay awake until 11 pm and sneak out to the garage and play car mechanic in the garage-read between the lines here
10. Ben and Jerry’s ice cream any thing with chocolate
11. Send kids to outlaws (inlaws) eat anything we want, stay awake until 10pm and play clothes dryer repair woman (fill in any blanks)
12. Talk dirty to your mate on the phone when he or she is out of town-enough said
13. Wear several layers of clothes and challenge your mate to truth or dare with dare being the only choice
14. Hazel nut chocolate
15. Back to the food, have an AwAKe energy drink on hand because I’m tired just making this list!