Life sucks then you die or at least I ain’t pushing up daisies

This is an excellent article on how older women will or won’t retire.
1. Part time work will not be enough in retirement. A fair amount of boomers lost retirement money in 2007 and will have to work longer if healthy.
2. So if you are healthy getting back in work force is hard because you are just a grand ma. We have a new generation asking if they want fries with the burger.
3. Women out survive men and will have less social and financial support. Mom might be moving in with the kids; seems like fair pay back after all lots of kids are moving back in with mom and dad.

People over fifty are feeling the fear and anxiety of our final years. We are living to be older but know we won’t necessarily enjoy luxuries as in the past.

On the brighter side perhaps our children will learn a less from our failures-we need to teach.