50 shades of publicity

All in all, the trilogy was entertaining, mindless reading, but I did find it to be a ridiculously insulting depiction of a modern, healthy female and relationship. I’m not condemning you if you read the books as a guilty pleasure or if you go see and enjoy the movie. (I’ll wait until it comes to Netflix

quote from Huffington Post

My first racy movie was ALFIE with M Caine in 1967. It was hot for the day and saw it with mother so it was hardly porn. You can get born free of cost on the internet so people didn’t rush to see this because of censorship or rareness Of voyeur opportunities. It is easy to over think this movie but as the quote says this is just hype that depicts the deduction of a young woman who we are lead to believe enjoyed her deflowering. Unfortunately there are enough people in the world who take these movies as realistic depiction of the female sexual psyche. So don’t support the hype don’t see the movie.