Give birth and pick rocks

My family has from the area around Walnut Grove of Wilder legend and have spent some winter on the prairie. Lonliness, suffocating prairie fires hiding in sod shacks, and starvation with no family near we’re the destiny for sod-prairie women. This story reminded me if my grand mother who died when I was young. She gave birth to tiny premature twins while also living and working in the rented farm. Our challenges of life today would awe them and I only hope I have the courage and guts to face life head on in the last 10? Years of my life.


Use urine for a face as smooth as a babies bottom

Well now we know why baby bottom is soft. The diaper urea is constantly exfoliating he it her buns. So when we turn 85 and have adult diapers we will again have bald heads few teeth fewer words and soft buns. What’s not to like? Make sure you don’t have a bladder infection when you slather urine on your cells.

Roll over Zeus

In an effort to be well informed at the time if my death I thought to look into my Norse heritage mythology. While I am delighted to see there are the tradition goddess of live Freya who has a twin brother Freyr and married Od but he disappeared.

She lives in Asgard where soldiers go upon death ( but I thought that was Valhalla?) she has a chariot pulled by two gray cats and a boar Hildisvani when the cats are busy. gna runs errands for Frigg as does Hlun. Makes for an interesting visual!

Nanna is married to Balder and died of grief when he died so they got placed on her boat and set a fire. And finally Var punishes the adultery.

So move over Zeus you have afterlife competition.

Super Bowl Drama
The ads are my favorite part of the game. The Super Bowl has become the predictable bowl and worth less than a patriots under inflated football. The games are so boring people are willing to watch a pop star with cupcake brassiere for distraction. I miss the days of scrambling and scoring quarter backs, cheerleaders in skirts freezing on the tundra sidelines And one hour pre game show that were shorter than the game.

This computer won’t die


I let this 10 YO Compaq sit uncharged for months and then plug it in and it boots right up. I now use it to charge my iPhone and iPad . It recognized the iPad and asked for down load directions. Why do I have such a hard time disposing of this electronic dinosaur? I can down load the pictures and music easy-

Where are the best French fries in America?

I like my fries skinny and crispy? If you parboil then for 2 minutes and spray with dextrose or sugar water you get McDonalds fries. I love my fries in grape seed oil and sea salt and a sprinkle of paprika. If you have. Better recipe let me know.

The more I do the less gets done


The good old days didn’t require families rush to soccer, check hundred of mail pieces I didn’t want and spend four hundred dollars on my sons birthday party like every one else. So the more I try to remember the more I have to forget to survive the rush of life. This task requires minimizing everything, categoring, minimizing everything and forgetting to worry about doing these wrong. I have no solution – I could forget it.